Teammates not showing up

We are using Bitbucket as our VCS, and our users from the repo is not showing up in Team section. The list is empty and can’t even invite anybody.

But our users can directly see the build console when they login to CircleCI via bitbucket. Is this a bug or is this how this is designed?
If so how about adding a teammate who is not part of my repo?

Yes this type of issue is essential a known bug although your specific case may differ slightly. Sorry for the confusion.

It is not currently possible to allow someone to view/edit on CircleCI that does not have the appropriate permissions on your vcs-provider. (E.g., even open source on CircleCI needs the project to be open source on your vcs-provider).
Our current permissions model is effectively 1:1 to your respective vcs-provider so our Invite Teammates flow is just for convenience sake - the list is only meant to show users that have access on your vcs-p that aren’t yet signed up for CircleCI.
If the user has access on your vcs-provider, they should be able to automatically view on CircleCI.

We’re working to separate our permission model to give users more granular controls now!