Can't invite team members

I’m using a Bitbucket account. I was able to invite a few team members successfully, but there are two that I can’t invite – they don’t show up in the list of people.

One of them tried to create his own CircleCI account linked to his Bitbucket account and got a 500 error.

The other one I already invited, but the invite expired, and now his account seems to be in limbo – I can’t re-invite, because he’s not in the list… but he can’t sign up because his invite expired.

Is there any sort of workaround for this problem?

Update: We found a workaround.

The person who I invited received a 500 error upon logging into CircleCI – but this was fixed by logging into Bitbucket first, then back into CircleCI.

Then, the project was empty, and he did not show up in the “Teams” list until he followed a couple projects. Now that he’s done that, everything seems to be working normally.

One other issue though: the “Resync with Bitbucket” button causes an error.