Can't reconnect BitBucket account

I revoked access to CircleCI from BitBucket (Personal Settings > App authorizations), which removed my BitBucket Orgs and personal projects from CircleCI, but did not remove it from the Account Integrations page. I logged out and back in using the “Log in with BitBucket” button and granted access, but none of my BitBucket Orgs and Projects are visible anymore. Refreshing permissions has not done anything either.

I can no longer access my work build statuses, can someone please tell me what I’ve done wrong?

Hi @typhoon2099,

Could you please provide your VCS user ID and org name, so that I can check further?

If you don’t want to share the details here, I would request you to open a Support ticket.

Pawan Bahuguna

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Hi @Pawan I have solved the issue already, I opened a support ticket and someone there got my account reconnected.

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Thanks for the update. I will mark this post as solved.