Disconnect BitBucket

How do I go about disconnecting BitBucket? I have both Github and BitBucket set up, but after using this just a bit I really want to remove BitBucket and just go with Github (which I just subscribed to to avoid having both).

You can visit the project page at https://circleci.com/bb/:org/:project/edit and tell it to stop building.

I ended up having someone at CircleCI delete the whole account and start over.


Good to hear it was resolved for you. :slight_smile:


Sigh, this happened to me, too. I was logged in into the wrong account on Bitbucket. How can I disconnect Bitbucket? I deleted the Oauth token on Bitbucket already.

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I’ve got the same problem and looking for solution as well.

I can only Authorize Bitbucket within Add Project tab, which gives me ability to login only with bitbucket account that I have used before. :cry:

Could you please send an email to support@circleci.com and we’ll take care of this for you.


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For people who are looking to do this now, you can do it without contacting support. Here’s how:

To disconnect a Bitbucket account, you’ll have to revoke access from the Bitbucket side. To do this, log into Bitbucket on the account you want disconnect (the one connected to CircleCI). Then:

  • Go to “Bitbucket settings” in the lower left
  • Go to OAuth under “Access Management”
  • Find CircleCI and click “Revoke”

It make take a few minutes for CircleCI to pick up the changes.