GitHub users missing from team page, invite teammates prompt

I have recently onboarded a new team to our project but we’re having trouble getting both of them access to CircleCI. They both belong to the same GitHub organization team and both follow the repository we’re trying to get them access to on CircleCI. We’ve even asked the developer having problems to visit CircleCI directly to create an account, which he’s done. The other developer was able to be added without any problems . Is there any way to invite him by email since Circle isn’t finding his GitHub account? Is something preventing him from showing up?

We did ship a change in the last few days re: what’s displayed on the team page. That might be the issue.

Try this: send them a direct link to a build. Can they view it?
If they can view it, have them hit the follow button. See if that unblocks you.

Hope that helps. Let me know!

Hi all,

We’re facing the same issue and the workaround didn’t work.

@rishimkumar any update on this?

Our User Model permissions today work, effectively 1:1 with GitHub.
If you send someone a direct link to a build and they cannot view it - the only times we have ever seen anything like has been a GitHub permissions issue where the user was not actually part of the team list and/or had an odd group permission. If you send them the corresponding repo link, they can view it?

The only other thing I can imagine is if it’s an OSS project on GitHub but the admin of the project on CircleCI has turned on the project setting to treat if it was private.

I apologize; I haven’t seen this before otherwise. You may want to try if you are a paid customer. Best of luck!