New Github Team Member not Visible for Invite

Erik Hausen
Jan 5, 05:40


We added a new Github member to the same team as the others that has access to the repository. However, when go to Invite Teammates page ( still can not see him on the list after few hours. I can see all the other Github team members there

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Hi @vulfox,

Can you verify that the team member in question is not already using CircleCI? Is the team member able to follow the organization’s projects on the add projects page?


Why can’t I invite other circle users to my team ?

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A quick workaround is giving an URL for your project to your teammates and directly follow the project.


Reiterating alifanov’s question, why can’t I invite other circle users to my team? Especially when working in wildly different timezones, it’s a hassle to use workarounds when I’d really rather just make things happen.

Currently ‘Invite teammates’ modal, only lists users who are already part of your GitHub or Bitbucket organization.

On team page (, after selecting an organization, you will see a list of all the users who have successfully logged into CircleCI and are following at least one project on CircleCI.

Unfortunately, there is no way to invite users who are not part of your Bitbucket or GitHub organization. We are working on making this experience better. If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out at

We recently had the problem that some users which are part of our Github organization didn’t show up neither on the team page, nor in the invite dialog.

At least one of them was formerly connected to CircleCI, but revoked it’s permissions earlier. What did work was him signing into CircleCI in again. Afterwards he showed up as part of the organization.

Could that be related?

Update here from a new user on 2.0 (2 years later). Team experience is currently still confusing and unintuitive. The same issue reported here and elsewhere still seem to exist.

From what I can see, someone has the idea that the teams view should filter all users of my github organization which are not following projects. Perhaps there’s a clever reason for this, but I currently am unable to divine it. I don’t particularly care if my users on my team are “following” a project, but if it is important to the platform, I would prefer to see all my users with a simple column that tells me how many projects they are following instead of hiding them from me. The same is true for users who have not joined circleci yet. Just give me a column on my user list with a checkbox or something.

Priority 1, provide an easy to get to list all the users sync’d from Github, and show whatever statuses are relevant to CircleCI in that list. This is what the vast majority of other cloud apps who integrate do with user lists. It’s the only thing that makes sense as a team admin.