Circle CI users not in sync with github organization users


What would I have to do for Circle to be properly in sync with my github profile and organizations?
I have added a new teammate on github yesterday, but it is not showing up on circle. Also, deleted members from github organizations yesterday which are still showing up on circle. I have revoked and re-granted access to circle, but the users are still out of sync.

Thank you for your kind input.


There’s a ‘Reload Repositories’ button at the top right of that should do a resync, does that help?

I tried this solution, there are no Reload Repositories on this page, but a Reload Organizations one which doesn’t seem to do anything as i can still see old users. Is there anything else to do ?

I’m experiencing the same exact thing as @remh. Any possible updates @drazisil?

The team page is confusing, as it actually will only show user who already have a CircleCI account. The workaround is to send your team member a build link and have them click the Follow button, that will add them to your list.

Our Engineers are working on making it less confusing.

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Similar issue I think.

We have a CircleCI project we’d like to retire but in order to do that all users must unfollow it. The one user left following it is no longer with our GitHub organisation so now we have to get in touch with him in order to stop this project building.

Maybe I’m missing something though, let me know if there’s a better approach.

Is this for real? Is this still an issue?

It’s for real, still an issue. Seriously Circle CI, get on to this.