Can't add a user

I’d like to add a user to access our builds, she’s already allowed to on Github.

But when I select “Team” on the left in the web app, it says:

“Get started by selecting your organization
Select your GitHub organization (or username) to view your team.”

But there is nothing there to select.

I have also browsed all the settings, both general and per-project settings, and don’t see any other way to add a user.

Please advise.


Also, when I go to the settings for my (jowolf) organization, and click “Users” under “Organization”, it says:

“CircleCI users in the jowolf organization
No users found.”

Yet there is no “Add” button, nor “+”, or any apparent way to add a user.

Hello, Anybody home?

Hi jowolf,

Apologies for the delay, are you still having this problem?


@jowolf We rolled out some updates for adding users that should make things clearer. If you’re still having issues, feel free to send me a DM via this message board and I’ll help you get set up.

I am having this issue.

On the team page there is the “Invite Teammates” button but it opens modal where I can’t do anything:

Is there something I missing?

This button lets you add people from your GitHub org who have not already signed up for CircleCI. If there are no people in that org, or they already have CircleCI accounts then the modal will be empty.

I agree the label for the button is a bit misleading. We have a card to improve that.

Understood. Yeah, it would be much clearer if you just put your explanation somewhere in the modal :slight_smile:

After some poking around, I realized that I don’t need to add nobody to my Circle account. Anybody who has connected Github/Bitbucket account with access to repo will have access to builds.