I am an org admin but I cannot add new org admins. CircleCI instructions wrong - there is no people tab

I am an owner of the organization I am part of (I am listed as an owner role in github). I am following /docs/manage-roles-and-permissions/

" Click on People"
but there is no people option inside organization settings. I only have these options:
[Overview, Contexts, VCSSecurity, Policies, Advanced, Orbs, Self-Hosted Runners]

Please advise

I cannot upload screenshots as “New users cannot upload images”


GitHub has an old and new way of providing an interface for CircleCI as detailed here

The Roles and permissions system is documented as only working with the new GitHub App interface. Can you use the example in the docs to see which method you are using.

If you are using the GitHub OAuth app interface you should raise a support ticket to ask what the switching process is (as long as you are within the published limits) as I can not find anything that documents how to switch.

Thanks. I see I am circleci com/settings/organization/github which is the GitHub OAuth

Raised a support ticket.