Circle CI doesnt upgrade Github Permission


2 weeks ago i got promoted in our company repository on GitHub but Circle Ci still says i dont have the required Permissions to see our Org Settings. First i thought by myself well they might just sync those once or twice a week or smth like that. But it doesnt look like it.
Now we get a Waring that we soon reach our tier limit and i can do nothing about it.

The person who set Circle Ci up, doesnt work in the company anymore so i cant ask him. Any Ideas?

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That sounds like it’d be worth creating a support ticket. I’ve never done that, but I’d assume one would look in the contact/docs sections on the main site.

This definitely sounds like something we may be able to help with more via a support ticket – feel free to write to or visit the support ticket form.

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After another week of communications with the CircleCI support, we found the Issue. Just in case someone stumbles over the same problem, you can find the solution which worked for me below.

I had admin permissions on GitHub on the Repository ONLY, thats why it didnt show the Settings in Circle CI. So make sure you have Admin Rights on your GitHub Organisation as well.

Cheers Isparia