Bitbucket account does not show organizations or private repositorios

i have been using circleci for a long time. today for some reason i cant debug the builds by ssh i lost my keys, so i went to disconnect circleci from github and bitbucket and reconnect them back so the ssh keys get crawled again or something. but after that im no longer able to see bitbucket organizations/projects or private repositories. how can i fix this.


Can you open a ticket with your org info and ping the number so I can take a look?

sorry i didnt catch what to do with the script, or how to get it

Sorry, my clipboard barfed. I’ve fixed the link

i have this one but i can get org id because i cant see it, o know the name primoshome bitbucket url

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Got it, will take a look.

thanks so much. i locked out and with a ton of builds to deliver today to my company