Error when building from Bitbucket

I connected Bitbucket repos to Circle CI but when i try to (re)build i get :

Error: Project not found.

When I try to open the org settings page I get :

Error: Organization not found. Are you an admin?

I am owner of the repositories on Bitbucket.

Iā€™m getting this same error when trying to build from my BitBucket private repos. I noticed when I click on the SHA hash in the build it is giving an error page. This is because there is a typo in the url, /commit/ should be /commits/:

For example it links to: (404 not found)

It should be: (correct)

Update: I have been told that BitBucket support is in private beta. So we can hope that this will get fixed.

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We have fixed both these issues. Please let us know if you are still facing problems.

Thanks a lot for tying out Bitbucket beta.