Bitbucket Cloud integration broken/unintuitive

Trying to set up our account with Bitbucket Cloud.


Signed in using Bitbucket, gave permissions. Am Admin of project on Bitbucket
No projects show in add project.
Change space to organisation in drop down menu, get a 404
Can’t find a way to add project to circleci.

Still having the problem. @michael.adrenalin - did you find a solution?

I’ve modified the title to include the word “Cloud”, since otherwise it would seem that BitBucket integration itself is having problems. Are you having issues with BitBucket Cloud too, @IvanRibakov?

I use ordinary BitBucket, and that works fine as far as I can tell. I’ve been adding repositories consistently since October or November 2017.

That’s right, @halfer.

Since posting on this thread I was able to access my BitBucket Cloud repos in CircleCI via Chrome’s Incognito mode. This makes me think there might be some issues when user’s browser has both Github & Bitbucket Cloud sessions (although I specifically chose to authenticate with Circle via Bitbucket).

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