Circleci Orbs publishing failed

Hi team,
I created namespace name as mynamespace and orb name as aws, while creating namespace am using this command ‘’ circleci namespace create mynamespace GitHub organisation name’’ and ‘‘circleci orb create mynamespace/aws’’ namespace and orbs are created but when I publish the Orbs am facing issues incorrect orb mynamespace/aws and am not able to find where Orbs located whether it is circleci server or local.

Below two ways i will tried:
1.circleci orb publish /home/tbhaskar@idexcel.internal/S3orbs/.circleci/config.yml mynamespace/aws
2.circleci orb publish /home/tbhaskar@idexcel.internal/S3orbs/.circleci/config.yml mynamespace/aws@dev:first

Can you share the specific namespace and orb name and version you tried to publish?