Org users cannot publish orb

What are the prerequisites for publishing an Orb? Some of my team can and others cannot.

I’m realizing our docs on this are a bit scattered, so I’ll look into fixing that, but in the mean time…

Only Organization Admins can create namespaces, create orb names, and create “production” releases of orbs. All org members can publish “dev” versions of orbs once the orb name itself has been provisioned in the namespace by an Organization Administrator. We did this to help limit inadvertent or unauthorized publishing of production orbs within our existing security model.

@ndintenfass How do you publish a “dev” version specifically? I did not see anything about how to do that in the docs.

In our org, I am not able to publish to orbs and that’s blocking some of our work.

Hi @afaq-sf, see this section of our Creating Orbs documentation:

Publish a development version of your orb, for example: circleci orb publish /tmp/orb.yml sandbox/hello-world@dev:first

Thank you!