Orbs creation

How to create namespace and orb, can any one please provide step by step orb name creation and orb publish, I followed this link https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/creating-orbs/ and created namespace and orb name but when i publish the orb that time i am facing issue,How cane i see orb and where store orb in local or circleci server,
Below steps i followed

  1. using this command created namespace : circleci namespace create mynamespace github toopukondabhaskar
  2. Using this command created orb: circleci orb create
    below screen short:
  3. .circleci/config.yml inside i wrote yml file
    version: 2.1
    mynamespace: mynamespace/mynamespace-aws

please give me information

It looks like, from the error, you are missing the version. Try adding @dev to the end of your publish command.

Below screen short two command i tried.

Hmm. Still looking into this.

Can you check you have the latest version of the CLI but running these steps? https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/local-cli/#updating-the-legacy-cli