Initialise new CircleCI orb to overwrite the previous one

I used the CircleCI CLI to initialise a private orb following these instructions. The CLI didn’t work as expected and no more initialisation steps were completed after the remote Git repository setup; Enter the remote git repository . The orb has been created, but the build’s publish step fails. There are a few different problems. The publishing context was not created in the CircleCI account. The yaml file contains placeholders which I am assuming should have been set as part of the initial setup by the CLI.

I want to start again. I can delete the repo but it is not possible to delete an orb. What’s the best way to start again using the same orb name? I have tried to run the CLI command again:

circleci orb init path-to-orb --private

But I get the error Error: Unable to create orb: Cannot create an Orb named 'orb-name': an Orb with that name already exists.