Orb init error - please provide options to select from

Trying to setup a private orb but getting the error as soon as entering the desired orb name under the workspace mactest

How to overcome this issue to have successful orb init…

➜  sample-orb git:(main) ✗ circleci orb init /Users/mac/sample-orb --private
Note: This command is in preview. Please report any bugs! https://github.com/CircleCI-Public/circleci-cli/issues/new/choose
? Would you like to perform an automated setup of this orb? Yes, walk me through the process.
Downloading Orb Project Template into /Users/mac/sample-orb
A few questions to get you up and running.
? Are you using GitHub or Bitbucket? GitHub
? Enter your github username or organization testing
? Enter the namespace to use for this orb mactest
Saving namespace mactest as default
? Orb name sample-orb
Error: please provide options to select from
➜  sample-orb git:(main) ✗

Hi @sourabhphanda,

Are you trying to create a private orb using CircleCI Server? If so, the circleci orb inti command is not available on CircleCI Server. You will need to create your orb manually using circleci orb create

Let me know if any additional questions come up or if there is anything I missed.