Orb init error - please provide options to select from

Trying to setup a private orb but getting the error as soon as entering the desired orb name under the workspace mactest

How to overcome this issue to have successful orb init…

➜  sample-orb git:(main) ✗ circleci orb init /Users/mac/sample-orb --private
Note: This command is in preview. Please report any bugs! https://github.com/CircleCI-Public/circleci-cli/issues/new/choose
? Would you like to perform an automated setup of this orb? Yes, walk me through the process.
Downloading Orb Project Template into /Users/mac/sample-orb
A few questions to get you up and running.
? Are you using GitHub or Bitbucket? GitHub
? Enter your github username or organization testing
? Enter the namespace to use for this orb mactest
Saving namespace mactest as default
? Orb name sample-orb
Error: please provide options to select from
➜  sample-orb git:(main) ✗