Receiving AUTHORIZATION_ERROR for all orb calls

When trying to publish an orb, I receive: AUTHORIZATION_ERROR. Same for admin users of our org.

variables: map[name:superformula/gpvpn namespace:superformula]
query ($name: String!, $namespace: String) {
orb(name: $name) {
registryNamespace(name: $namespace) {

result status: 200 OK
<< &{PublishOrb:{Orb:{ID: Name: Namespace: CreatedAt: Source: HighestVersion: Commands:map Jobs:map Executors:map Versions:} Errors:AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE}}

Hi @afaq-sf,

Please see this thread:


@rose the issue may need further investigation from your side on these issues. I am the owner of the GitHub organization whom holds this namespace. I cannot publish a dev nor a production Orb either.

At this point, we are completely blocked to update our Orb. Should we open a support ticket elsewhere?


@wprater Have you, in fact, created the namespace? And have you created the orb in the namespace? And do you have a CircleCI token available in your environment?

If you have, and are still having issues, then feel free to open a support ticket and CC me.


@rose yes, we have created a namespace and published several times last week. We have also tried to create a new token and pass in the --token manually when invoking the commands to see if there was an issue with a revoked or expired token.

Something seems to have happened this week as neither an owner nor an member of our GitHub org can publish or promote to this Orb now.

Here is the Orb in question, if that’s helpful:

How can we open a support ticket?

@wprater Oh, interesting. I don’t think anything has changed on our end, in terms of publishing/auth.

Have you confirmed that the orb is valid? I don’t believe we will allow anyone to publish an orb that fails basic circleci orb validate linting.

You can open a support ticket here.

Yes, the circleci CLI has validated said orb.
I’ll create a ticket on behalf of our org.

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