Organization wide token

AFAIK there is no way to grant a user the ability to publish an orb, not even a dev orb, except granting the user organization wide admin access. Is there anything new about this topic ? I could find nothing recent…


Hi @giulianozor, welcome to the CircleCI community! That is correct, only GitHub/Bitbucket organization admins can create and publish orbs within their organization.

However, any org member has the ability to publish dev orbs. Once they’re ready, dev orbs can then be promoted into production by org admins.

A hacky workaround is your org admin can create and store an API token as a project environment variable or context. This will allow any org member to publish a production orb through the CircleCI CLI in a CircleCI job.

Note: An admin must enable the organization to use 3rd-party orbs at Organization Settings > Security.

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