Organization-private Orbs

Based on the Orbs documentation is seems that publishing an Orb is always global, even outside of my organization. What I had in mind when I first read about orbs was to build out a handful of parameterized build configs for all projects to reference. Our full build process is not something we can share with the world. Orbs is a really exciting feature and finally gives us a way to truly DRY up our circleci build configs. Sadly we will not be able to take advantage of it until there is a way to publish to a private registry.

[WARNING] Orbs are always world-readable All published orbs can be read and used by anyone.



Make sure this is in the ideas list. Seems like a good feature to me!

We are looking at how and when to support private orbs. In the mean time, definitely vote for this on our Idea board:

Hi there,
I’m also surprised to find it out this just after implementing many of our internal commands as Orbs.
We don’t have any sensitive data on the code but it gives away some of the implementation, what is not a good practise.
And the Ideas page doesnt open…tried in two different browsers.


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Hi @maatthc, we recently updated our URL routing for our Ideas portal. You can find the new, proper link for that idea here:

Here’s another similar one you can upvote, as well:

Hope this helps!