Private Orbs are Here

Today we’re announcing the release of private orbs for our Scale Plan customers.

Since launching open-source orbs two years ago, developers around the world have been able to simplify their entire development process and shorten time to production. But we know our users also want to privately share configuration across multiple projects, exclusively within their organization. Private orbs enable you to do exactly that.

Beginning today, administrators on the Scale Plan can create, publish, and maintain private orbs. Our goal is to help developers deliver incredible experiences for their end users, and private orbs is another way to help them build great applications.

For more details on how to start privately sharing configuration across multiple projects within your organization, check out our orbs documentation. And if you have any questions, please contact our support team or leave a reply below.

To better building,

Tim Elbrink

Product Manager at CircleCI

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This is a really great long overdue feature, but it’s so, so disappointing that you haven’t made these available for performance plan customers - smaller businesses and dev teams who could really use precisely these kinds of tools to make life easier across projects, rather than copying and pasting YAML all the time.

When / do you plan to make these available to performance plan customers? Announcing a product via email that I can’t use just seems a really poor way to treat paying customers.


Hi @DomWeldon,

I totally understand your frustration. We want to make private orbs more widely available later on, but I don’t have a date for that for you. I will pass your feedback on the email to the team–I can see how an email about a feature you’re not eligible for would be disappointing.

Thank you for your feedback.

Super excited about this!

Agree with this - this is a feature we have been requesting since the early days, but it’s frustrating to see it only available to scale plan customers.


I am looking for some pre-existing orbs for Databricks, has anyone seen one or created one?

As others have said, this has been a missing feature for so long and it’s frustrating to see it introduced as an enterprise feature.

We’ve been customers for years and we’re happy to pay for things that make it easier for us to develop apps, and build/test/deploy them faster. I think the reason this stings so much is that orbs seem like an enhancement to the config language that makes it easier to use circleci. They don’t directly solve any develop/build/test/deploy problems, or jobs to be done that we care about.

Hearing that private orbs are being introduced as an enterprise feature makes me feel as though you’re saying “we know there are aspects of our product that make it difficult/awkward to use on more than a handful of projects, pay us more if you want it to be easier”, which is frustrating when we’re already paying a decent chunk of money to use the product.

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