Is there a way to make a public orb private?


With private orbs now being available from any paying plans, is it possible to make some of our public orbs private?
I haven’t found information about it in the documentation.

Hi @nijellab,

Thank you for your interest in private orbs!

Currently there is no way to change a public orb to a private orb. The reasoning behind this is to prevent any breaking changes in builds for users who are using the orb but are not a part of the organization who created it.

The recommended workaround would be to recreate the public orb as a private orb. Then you would have to update the config.yml files that were referencing the previous orb.

You are more than welcome to create a feature request on the following page:

Let me know if you have any additional concerns or questions!

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This seems non-optimal, since orgs may have made orbs public (but unlisted) when private orbs were unavailable. In those cases, anyone who may have been using them should probably not be surprised if they stop working.