Private Orbs are now in the UI

Private Orbs are now easier to use!

Better visibility into orbs is one of our most requested features so we’ve added a dedicated orbs page to Organization Settings in CircleCI, which shows all of the orbs authored by your organization - public and private orbs included.

You can still use the CircleCI CLI, but now you can also find and manage your orbs in-app

  • Login to
  • Click on ‘Organization Settings` in our UI.
    • Then click on the ‘Orbs’ page

For private orbs, this includes links to the new orb details pages. You can now see orb info, orb source, and other helpful information shared by the orb author for any private orbs in your organization. Greater visibility further enables you to use orbs as part of a configuration best practice.

If you’re not using private orbs yet, they’re now available on all CircleCI plans!

As always, we hope this helps you update and repeat useful configuration. Questions? Feedback? Let us know what you think in the replies!


Hi Team,

We trying to create a Private ORB but getting your organisation cannot create private ORBS but i believe our organisation already opted for it?., JsainsburysPLC

Hi @rajeshkbathula Thanks for your patience! You should be able to create a private orb using our CLI tool and then manage it via the UI if you want. Here is a short video on how to create a private orb if you need it.