I have had the subject Orb specified in my config.yml for at least a year. I went looking for documentation for it in the Orb directory earlier today and it doesn’t appear to exist any more. I assume that that means that the Orb itself will be removed at some point in the future. I must have missed the announcement that the Orb was being removed.

Is circleci/docker the replacement Orb?


Hi @toondocker! The circleci/docker-publish orb was hidden as it is no longer being maintained. You can still visit the unlisted orb here: circleci/docker-publish

However, in looking at the circleci/docker orb, I do see they are similar. In fact the circleci/docker orb appears to have additional commands and is actively maintained.

Can you try out the circleci/docker orb and let us know how it works for you? Do let us know if there are any usage examples missing that you would like to see. Happy building!

@angelisa thanks for the response. The circleci/docker orb worked fine for me. As you noted, the functionality of the circleci/docker-publish orb seems to have been incorporated into the new orb. All is good now

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@toondocker that’s great to hear, I appreciate you confirming the circleci/docker orb worked fine for you.

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