Request to publish Slack orb

Can someone publish the latest changes for ?

Also, if someone from Circle wouldn’t mind reviewing, that would be great.

Seems like there’s no support for autogenerating the README? Or is there and I just don’t know how?

Hello @wyardley A new version of the Slack Orb has been published. Reviewing PRs may take some time for the next month during the Hacktoberfest event. There are a lot of participants and just a few of us, but we will get to all submissions in a timely fashion.

In the future all PR’s will result in automatically releasing new Orb versions but that pipeline design is still a work in progress.

There is no automatic generating of the Readme files for orbs by default. Orbs documentation is automatically generated on the Orb registry page for that orb.

You can find the current documentation for the Slack Orb here:

Readme files in the orb’s code repository should ideally contain information to help contributors begin to collaborate on the orb.

Thanks for the CRs and the release.

I’m aware of the autogenerated docs on the registry.

Readme files in the orb’s code repository should ideally contain information to help contributors begin to collaborate on the orb.

That would make more sense; currently, though, the checklist requests that all parameters be documented in the README as well, which, from what I can see, seems to result in some drift. So maybe it would make sense to either figure out a way to generate the markdown docs as well, or else pull out the user docs from the README and just provide instructions for contributing and a link to the generated docs?

Would you mind providing a link to this checklist? We may have some older documentation floating around but at the moment I do not believe we have any live suggestions for readme files. Orb author best practices can be found here:

We’ll take a look at the checklist and either update, remove, or integrate it into this best practice page.

I’m looking at the checklist in the PR template:

Also, there had been a lot of PRs recently to tidy up docs related to usage of the orb.

Maybe I misunderstood the intent of items 1 and 2, but given that the parameters were documented in the README, I guess I assumed that we were being requested to update them there.

If someone removed all the redundant docs from the README and included a link to the generated docs, I’d agree that the template above would work fine.

when do new releases get cut? i was about to make a PR to add the channel override setting but I see it was already added and merged a few days ago. Is it a manual trigger to make a new version? Can someone push that button please?

@brett-picwell: They actually did release the channels fix I think, just hasn’t been merged from staging => master, but should exist in 2.4.0.

I get an error when I try to set the channel: variable on the approval-notification job in 3.4.0. I was hoping 3.5.0 would’ve been released before the weekend but I’ll look for it again on monday at this point.

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Oh yeah, on approval-notification, the person who added that feature didn’t add it.

I PRed adding that later, so that one is not yet released.