Orbs update: recent changes to the Orb Registry

Wanted to quickly announce a cool new feature we’ve shipped to the Orb Registry this past week—

You may have noticed that, on the page for any particular orb, there’s now a dropdown menu next to “Releases,” rather than a simple integer number:

You can now view an orb’s source code at any particular semantic version in its release history, just as you would in your terminal by running, e.g., circleci orb source circleci/orb-tools@8.27.1.

Each release has its own URL query parameter, so you can link directly to, for example, https://circleci.com/orbs/registry/orb/circleci/orb-tools?version=0.0.1. (Please don’t use version 0.0.1 of Orb Tools, though! :sweat_smile:)

This feature was highly requested by orb users, and we’re happy to deliver it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any other orb- or orb registry-related feature requests, you can add them to CircleCI Ideas: