Old orb documentation and versions

I am relying on an old orb (circleci/node@1.0.1) and it seems that there are some commands no longer available in the more recent orbs. Please can anyone indicate where to find documentation on:
a) commands/configuration options of older orbs and
b) even better indication of which commands are no longer supported and what the suggested alternative
c) see a list of all registered orb versions so that I can try to find an the latest orb that jsut still supports by old command

Hi @ProbStub,

You can see the code source of any version of public orb by using the CircleCI CLI with the command: circleci orb source orb_name@version.

So in this case:

circleci orb source circleci/node@1.0.1

Usually, all releases of a given orb can be found in the related repository of the CircleCI-Public GitHub organization.

However, circleci/node@1.0.1 is indeed quite an old version, and I can see it’s not present in the list of releases. That said, all other versions from 1.0.2 onwards are present in the repository.

Awesome! This worked for me. Sorry to be asking for such an old orb but I am trying to move my single machine node deployments to GKE following this slightly outdated guide on the CircleCI blog
As it happens there is very little useful GKE deployment documentation so that guide seems like the best place to start from even despite the old orb :smile:

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