Xcode 13.4


Any plans to release Xcode 13.4 image ? It has been out for 4 days now and we are using it and it has feature that’s not backward compatible with Xcode 13.3. Any idea when it’ll be available ?

Hi, the image has been built since last Friday by our mac images team (aka myself), but there have been multiple deployment issues which our mac infra team has been trying to solve so we can get this out to customers. It’s currently looking likely that it will be tomorrow, or in the worst case Monday. Thanks for your patience :pray:

Hello, there’s a fairly bad compilation optimization issue causing crashes which is fixed in 13.4. Just wanted to raise that in terms of urgency.

Release notes indicating fix Apple Developer Documentation

Crash report here, this is likely more widespread than the bug reporter signals given that this is an issue deep in the compiler’s inline optimizer.

Thank you so much for your patience. We’re happy to announce that the Xcode 13.4 image is available!

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