New Xcode Image Policy Doc

Hello everyone! :wave:

As I am sure many of our macOS executor users has seen, Apple has certainly been powering through Xcode releases and betas at a fast pace over the past year, and it appears to show no sign of slowing.

To ensure we are able to continue supporting as many versions as possible, along with releasing new images quickly, we have decided to create and release our new Xcode Image Policy document which is now available for viewing:

If you are a frequent user of the macOS executor, please give this a read through to see how we will handle new and existing images moving forward.

As a general summary, this follows closely what we have already been doing, but with a few tweaks here and there to allow us to follow more standardised timings and procedures for deprecations. Most notably:

  • We have included standard timeframes for deprecations
  • Added information about how we will deprecate old images as new major versions of Xcode are released
  • Included information about how we will quickly deprecate old patch versions of Xcode and redirect requests

We hope this will help increase clarity in our Xcode image support and allow users to plan ahead.

If you have any feedback about this policy, please feel free to discuss it in this thread!