Xcode 10.2 support (Coomand line tools)

We are provided an Xcode 10.2 environment.
However, the Command line tool remains at 10.1.
Is this environment correct?


That Xcode 10.2 environment it’s a beta version, not the GM. Check the build number. The App Store Xcode 10.2 is 10E125 but that image is in 10P99q.
I think CircleCI should specify BETA Xcode versions on their documentation, I just wasted my whole morning. I had a weird Swift compiler-check error I couldn’t understand until I realized that the image is a beta.

oh, I see…
Thank you so much.

I could not agree more! I lost many hours to this.

Sorry for the delay in this. A couple of higher priority issues bumped this so we were not able to get the 10.2 GA out as fast as we normally do. We are actively working on this and expect it to be out soon. Please watch https://discuss.circleci.com/c/announcements

In addition, I have relayed the information to clarify if we have a Beta or GA version released.

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