Xcode 10.2 still not supported?

According to this issue there’s Xcode 10.2 support: Xcode 10.2 beta 3 Image Released
But it seems it is Xcode 10.2 beta, as I’m getting this error when trying to submit a build to TestFlight:

Invalid Toolchain. Your app was built with an unsupported version of Xcode or SDK. If you plan to submit this build to the App Store, make sure you are using the GM version of Xcode 9 and the SDK for iOS 11, tvOS 11, watchOS 4, or macOS 10.13 or later. If you are using an Xcode beta version to test your app, make sure you are using the latest supported version. For more information about supported beta versions, view the TestFlight Release Notes

Sorry for the delay in this. A couple of higher priority issues bumped this so we were not able to get the 10.2 GA out as fast as we normally do. We are actively working on this and expect it to be out soon. Please watch https://discuss.circleci.com/c/announcements

In addition, I have relayed the information to clarify if we have a Beta or GA version released.

Ah, so were shouldn’t be targeting macos: xcode: "10.2.0" yet? We have been and have been seeing a bunch of issues / fails… But we need to as we are running Swift 5. Any help would be great.


When will Xcode 10.2 GM be available?

What is the expected delivery date?


+1 this has been a blocker for us.

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I’m going to close this thread so I don’t have to keep updating two.

Latest update is this: When can we expect the final Xcode 10.2 Image to be released?