Update Xcode 10.2 version

Hello everyone!

Xcode 10.2 GM (10E125) was recently released, but looks like xcode: 10.2.0 image uses older Beta 3 (10P99q) build. Do you have any plans on upgrading it?


Please fix it, we have the same problem!


Same problem here. My builds all fail because this is an Xcode beta version and in addition the Xcode CLI tools are at 10.1.1.


Sorry for the delay in this. A couple of higher priority issues bumped this so we were not able to get the 10.2 GA out as fast as we normally do. We are actively working on this and expect it to be out soon. Please watch https://discuss.circleci.com/c/announcements

In addition, I have relayed the information to clarify if we have a Beta or GA version released.


Sorry but this problem is not solved. I think you should not set this post as solved because it is not.


Hi, is there estimate of when this problem might be solved?

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Note @drazisil that this is critical to fix ASAP because Apple will not allow App Store or TestFlight uploads with the pre-GA version of Xcode 10.2. That means nobody can use CircleCI to release new iOS applications with apps written for Xcode 10.2.

This is an urgent plea for CircleCI to prioritize this.


This isn’t according to the promised release schedule, which in itself is pretty lax (7 days? really?).

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@drazisil can you at least provide us with some estimation? I mean 10.2 was released 2 weeks ago and that release date was known at least 3 weeks ahead. We are dependent on the service and the delay is becoming ridiculous.


Can we get a refund for the time period that we’ve been unable to submit builds? I don’t really understand how making a new image is so time consuming, but it is costing us time, which is costing us money being unable to do our standard testing/release process.

@drazisil any update?

@drazisil this must be a joke, right?

I’m closing this thread so all the updates are in one place and we don’t have multiple threads for the same subject.

The latest update is here. When can we expect the final Xcode 10.2 Image to be released?