Wrong badge status reported on GitHub project


The status badge for my project is wrong. It says “failed” which is wrong. It should say “success”. Please take a look below and check out the links which prove my point.

Github project page: https://github.com/rstoenescu/gulp-pipes
CircleCI project page: https://circleci.com/gh/rstoenescu/gulp-pipes


Looks there is a bug on our end. We’ll take a look.


Thanks for the effort!


I believe the issue is you need to add the HTTP header Cache-Control: no-cache

Please see this github issue



@kimh did you ever get a bugfix out for this? I am seeing similar behavior in my project, seems to be related to this issue and Auto-cancel causes status badge to show failure


I’m seeing this behavior still, and suspect its linked to cancelled builds.
Github sees passing status on latest commit:

CircleCI HIstory sees passing status (and older cancellation)

But badge insists its failing:

Status badge status incorrect



I hate writing “mee too” posts, but I am observing exactly the same as @eddiewebb
My builds are fine, yet the badge generated by CI is showing red FAILED status.


Super excited to share that this issue has been resolved! For folks experiencing the issue related to old build statuses being reported in projects that switching to/from 2.0 workflows, the proper badge should now be displayed!


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