Status badges for skipped builds show as failed

I searched about this on google and this forum, but I didn’t find anything specifically about skipped builds.

My workflow that runs on every commit on the master branch automatically bumps the project version, and to avoid infinite loop I am using commit messages containing “[ci skip]”.

But the badge always shows as “Failed”. I am thinking this is related to the latest build on master branch always be a skipped one.

Is this the correct behavior or am I doing something wrong?


Possible duplicates:

That said, I wonder if your CI skip message makes this a bug Circle have not seen yet?

Hi @halfer

Thanks for the help.

I actually ended up changing the logic on how to skip the CI and I am no longer using the “[ci skip”] message.

For anyone interested in the solution, you can find it in this two commits


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This is a problem for us. If using [ci skip] the status badge shows as failed. Any workaround from Circle team?