Skipping with [skip ci] doesn't skip the whole workflow


I have recently run into the issue with skipping CI via commit message.

Circle CI fails to skip all the jobs in the workflow when CI is skipped with [skip ci], which results in several things:

  • The skipped build is treated as failed.
  • Even if previous build has succeeded or failed, it has no effect on the badge.

I have created a sample repo which illustrates this problem:
Link to CircleCI:

As you can see, the GitHub CI indicator near the repo name shows correct status of the job (failed) while the badge still shows success.

Thank you for the test case. We are taking a look into the behavior to see what’s up.

To clarify, the issue is that the badge is not updating, correct, not that things aren’t skipping correctly?

I think the badge is the consequence, the real problem that the skipped build with several steps skips only the first one. As a result, branch in CircleCI dashboard stays in pending state (the icon is blue) even though all builds have finished and the last one was skipped.

If you look at the repo I provided in CircleCI dashboard (, the master icon is blue as if the build is still in progress.

And, as I understand, the badge doesn’t update since the branch is “pending”.

You may be running into a known caching issue with the UI/Badge that we haven’t been able to pin down. I’m not able to locate any pending statues from the link you shared, are you still seeing that status? If so, can you link me directly to that page?

If not, I’ll add you to our tracker where we are trying to hunt down the cause, but I think it may be a UI glitch and not actually still pending.


I’m not the original reporter but I found the same issue in one of our internal workflow just today.

We tried to [skip ci] for documentation PRs and GitHub is waiting for roughly 15 checks while CircleCI only skips the first one all the other remains in the pending status.

@visya’s workflow sent above is exactly what we see in our CI. In GitHub we’d see steps test and echo as Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

Have you been able to isolate or work around the problem ?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

Hi Jan. Thanks for letting me know, I’ve added this to our internal bug report on this behavior.

I don’t have a current workaround, maybe someone else can chime in how they handle this.

Is there a fix for this? I just realised I have multiple workflows that haven’t completed because the skip commit only skipped the first step of the workflow. Please fix!