Badge shows incorrect status


Just like in the gazillion other reported issues, the badge is showing FAILED while the build is Successful. And I tried everything, cache busting, deleting, re-adding, etc. Also, it’s not Github since on CircleCI’s own page it shows FAILED yet the build is successful:

Did folks ever figure out what to do about this?


I stopped using badges as I no longer work on the project where I was using them. I was pondering whether to start using badges for my current project, but have not done so yet.

You could try using API calls instead, and setting up a web app to display the image data for the right badge. I agree it’s a pain, but it’s better than having incorrect badges :roll_eyes:.

Also, if you can reliably replicate the problem, report it to

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Yeah, that’s true. I fear reporting it makes no sense as I can see at least a dozen posts telling them that the badge isn’t working. I guess removing it is one option. :confused:

I don’t agree with that. The Circle team may have had zero support requests (where an engineer is assigned) and there’s only been some grumbling amongst users. Speaking for myself, I did not desperately need it, and I did not pursue a support request (free users could not raise tickets at that time anyway).

Do please send an email - if not for yourself, for others :blush:

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Okay, that’s a fair point. :slight_smile: I will look into it and submit a ticket. :slight_smile:

Submitted. :slight_smile:

This is on our radar but until we get more noise it’s unlikely to get a high priority. The ticket will help, thank you.

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Thank you very much, Joe!! Much appreciated.

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I am in a position where I could do with using this again. I am building a custom dashboard containing a mix of Circle, Jenkins and AWS CI statuses. Of course, I’d like it to be reliable.

Would it be better for me to use the CircleCI API to fetch last X builds information, and then use my own badge icons based on the fetched data? Is there any danger that the API data could be similarly wrong, for the same reason as the badge endpoints?

Hi Jon. iirc, the API data is correct, it’s how the badge handles it that is wrong.

I would double-check and compare, but you should be safe building your own with the API

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