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The status badge for my repository is showing as failed even though the job has passed. There are a number of other threads on this issue but all have been closed because an issue was resolved which suggests I may have encountered a different issue. I will post the threads I have found in a separate post - as a new user I’m only allowed to post two links per post.

My project:

My badge: CircleCI

Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks!

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@stuartleylandcole It looks like your last completed workflow failed:

Your most recent workflows are pending approval, so they don’t show.

When using workflows, the status badge currently only shows the status of the last completed workflow. We are working on figuring out a way to have it also reflect jobs within the workflow, but I don’t have a timeline for those changes.

Thanks for explaining the behaviour. It’s a little unexpected, I would have understood if the status showed as ‘On Hold’ but ‘Failed’ is confusing. I look forward to being able to show the status of a single job within a workflow.

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The status badges are still 1.0 tech and don’t know what on-hold is, so the workflow is treated as still running.

Once they are updated it should make more sense visually.

Ah ok thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. I look forward to the update!

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