Status badge shows wrong status

Hello, I am using bitbucket and it seems to be that project status badge shows FAILED even if the build is succeeded. I tried also rebuild and add a new commit but it still shows the wrong status.

Wrong status is also shown in the settings page when I create status badge configuration and select the api token.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the bug report, this may be due to something with BitBucket specifically. Will look into it!

cc @KunalJain

Happening with me too, if you’d like more data points. I have several bitbucket projects running.

I’m also having the same issue. I’m also noticing that builds aren’t posting back to the bitbucket build status API either. Not sure if that could be related someway.

Any fixes available?

Hi, I’m also having the same issue with the BitBucket status badge. Would be cool if there is some kind of fix :-).

We have resolved this issue. If you are still experiencing it, please reach out at

I’m still experiencing it :frowning:

For me the build status in CI shows as “Success” but on Bitbucket it show a clock icon with “0 of 1 passed”