Where is chat notification on the new CircleCI UI


There used to be the chat notification page (https://circleci.com/gh/{team}/{project}/edit#hooks) where we can configure Slack webhook, but there isn’t any similar pages in the new CircleCI UI.
Where is the chat notification page in the new UI? How do I change existing chat notifications if CircleCI won’t provide the page in the new UI?

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Hi @bp-xiao! Moving forward, we are encouraging people to adopt Orbs for functionality such as chat notifications. For Slack, the Slack Orb exists: https://circleci.com/orbs/registry/orb/slack/slack :slight_smile:

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Thanks gmemstr

I’ve already read the document and understand you’re encouraging to adopt Orbs.

The problem is what happens to existing chat notifications after CircleCI switches to the new UI. Is there any way to change those existing notifications?

I’m curious about this as well. I’d actually be interested in a list of all the current features being dropped from the New UI; like insights, not showing test summary on jobs with failed tests, and etc.


Hi all,

Given that this is now processed through our new Orbs functionality, we have cut this page from the new UI. If you have existing chat notifications you need to edit, you can still do so on the old UI for the time being, or contact support for future needs: https://support.circleci.com/hc/en-us


Kate Catlin

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Hi @Kate_Catlin

The other day, I received a mail noticing that opt-out of the new UI is removed. This removal of the opt-out doesn’t mean that removal the old UI?
If the old UI is preserved for a while, my problem is solved.

@bp-xiao we’ve decided to move the UI deprecation date back awhile: Moving old UI deprecation date back

After publishing the April 15th date, we heard a lot of feedback that we wanted to address. Two core values of our team are ‘empathize’ and ‘add real value’ to our users, and we concluded that the deprecation would not exemplify those values right now. Keep an eye on the new UI over the next couple weeks and you’ll see some positive changes! But yes definitely switch your project settings in the interim on the old UI.

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@gmemstr @Kate_Catlin

How should a notification work if you can’t define a when: on a job? I.e. a property with which you can run a job after one or more previous jobs finished even if they failed.
It’s only possible to add when: always (or on_fail) on a step (see configuration reference).

If you can only add a notify step, you couldn’t simply use any job from any orb. Because most of them/all(?) miss an extra notify-step at the end. Even if they have it, then all orbs would need to support all kinds of notifications. That doesn’t make sense.

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