Remove old slack notifications?

Hi :wave:

I have a project that used the original kind of slack notifications (with a dedicated form where you copy/paste a webhook URL directly).

I recently decided to upgrade the config.yml and start using the orb/slack instead but, with the new UI, I cannot find a way to remove the notifications using the webhook directly.

Apparently the old UI was dropped in August, how can I disables my old slack notification?

Hi @panthony! Can you follow the steps in this support article to Disable Legacy Slack Notifications and let us know if this works for you? Please note, as Tem mentioned in the article, you will need to use a personal API token to make this API call.

If you are still experiencing issues, please write in to with your organization and project name.

Sorry for the late response @angelisa!

I missed that guide in my search but It worked perfectly, thanks for your help :bowing_man:

Great to hear that worked for you @panthony, thanks for confirming!

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