Build webhook to slack incorrect, may not have been deleted in legacy UI


I’m having an issue whereby i’ve just taken over a dormant project which is running circleci. We are having issues with the webhooks. when a build fails, it appears to be going to an old channel, even though a new slack integration webhook has been set up point to a different channel, which was recently created.

I think this might be related to the fact that we’ve not touched the system for a while then the new UI switched over. can someone assist me with this?

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William Falconer

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You’re right–you have to disable the legacy Slack integration. We have a support article with instructions. Let me know if that works!

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That’s great - I’ll take a look in the morning!

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Thanks - that solved the issue, really appreciated!

Well - not quite…the build fails are no longer appearing in either channel. I wonder if we need to do something else? note the new SLACK_WEBHOOK env var is set already.

So we reverted to using the legacy hook, with a different url for now, as without it we could not see the failed or successful build notifications.