[Slack integration] No build notifications appearing



We’ve added a Slack chat notification to a project.

Using the test button we see a notification in the correct slack channel as expected, but we aren’t seeing any build notifications?

Any pointers for what we’re doing wrong?

[HipChat integration] No build notifications appearing

I have this problem too.


@michalkvasnicak @tooky Thank you for your patience with this.

Are the notifications not being sent to Slack consistently? Or some builds send them while other builds don’t?

Which steps did you follow exactly to set up the Slack integration? This will help us debug the issue.


In my case the notifications are not being to Slack at all. But it is weird that it occurs only in one project. In others it works fine and all projects have the same settings. Chat notifications with circle ci slack integration webhook url.


Did you try deleting the integration and setting it up again? If that does not help, we’ll need to know the name of your project to check if we can reproduce the issue—could you please post it here if the project is public or open a support ticket if it is private? Thanks.


It is fixed now, it just started working.


Good to hear that. Sorry for all the trouble previously.


Hi. I have this problem as well. Slack notifications not working. Testing the hook does not work either.