Not receiving chat notifications for workflows triggered by Git tag pushes

Since moving to 2.0, I have not been receiving chat notifications for successful workflow runs that were triggered by Git tag pushes.

In my workflow configuration, I have a tag filter defined like this:

              ignore: /.*/
              only: /v[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)*/

However, I am receiving notifications for workflow runs triggered by Git pushes of regular commits.

Am I missing something?

The filter defines what workflows are run, not what are reported via chat notifications. I don’t know what controls what chat notifications are made - how did you set that up?

I set it up the same way I used to for 1.x projects: Project Settings > Chat Notifications

Same problem.

The 1.0 UI for chat notifications doesn’t work in 2.0. I thought we had added text to that affect, I’ll let the correct team know.

We recommend the Slack Orb for this functionality.

Thanks for your quick answer! Your link is not working, at least for me.
I think this is the correct link, right?

Yep! I linked an internal post in error, forgot to check where it was. is the Orb I had in mind, yes :slight_smile: