When adding a new project, never gets passed "Starting first build..."


I’ve used GitHub integration to create my account. I have an AngularJs application in a private repo that was forked from another private repo in another organization. The version I forked from works perfectly in CircleCI. The repos show up as expected in the UI when I click add project. Unfortunately after clicking “Build Project” the UI states “Starting first build…” and then does nothing, even after prolonged periods of time. If you refresh the page it is as if nothing happened. Any suggestions on where to go from here?


Same here. In my case, I had a perfectly-working repository that I renamed, and now it’s sitting at “Starting first build…” and I can’t add it! Here’s the (public) repo: https://github.com/Fabricate-IO/tavern-manager

Any ideas?


Same here. It seems the rename broke CircleCI’s ability to build the project :cry: