Build not triggered after Github repo was renamed

We renamed a repo. Many settings in Circle CI seem to have picked up the new name, but not everywhere. And builds are not being triggered.


Could you please email with the org and project name and we will fix that for you?


For future readers, what I did in my case to resolve this issue (with my private repo) is:

  1. Go to the dashboard/history to find your old project’s link, e.g.
  2. Change the address and go to:
    This will trigger some repair in circleci server
  3. Go to your GitHub repo’s setting -> webhooks ->
    Here you should find some failed hook deliveries. Click to expand Response and look for ones with the header for X-GitHub-Event of either push or pull_request (with “action”: “opened” in the payload) and redeliver it.
    If this is too complicated/troublesome you can always just push a new commit.

Hope this helps you.


This worked flawlessly.

worked for me thx

Worked but I had to resend the payload with “X-GitHub-Event: push”, the PR with action opened didn’t trigger a new build. Thanks!

For future readers, resetting the webhooks should also fix this problem right away: