Build not triggered after Github organization renamed

Hi, we’ve changed our organization name on Github and the build stops on our project, stop/restart building the project didn’t do anything, no build are triggered on commits on github.

I’ve build another project on the same organization and commit on github did triggered a build on CircleCi.


This is a known edge case, can you please send an email to with the old and new org names and we will get this taken care of.


I ran into a problem with renaming a GitHub org, now whenever I try to view my projects in CircleCI I’m redirected to a 404 page and it acts like I’ve logged out, or when I try to set up a project and I click “Start Building” and the button is in an infinite loading state. None of my builds run and I’m given the message “Your build was not run - reason code (:no-followers).” If I try to click “Follow Project” it gets stuck in an infinite loading state. I contacted support and received a response that I couldn’t get help since I’m not on a paid plan. Is it impossible to get this problem fixed on a free plan?

I hope you’ve long since resolved this, but for anyone else who finds this post later: usually this will resolve itself shortly.

You can speed it up by having an admin reset the webhooks (see

If that doesn’t work, do get in touch with support.