Troubleshooting when Circle doesn't build after pushes to GitHub

I’m having trouble getting my private project to trigger Circle builds. The master branch of my project does not yet have a circle.yml but I have a branch named circle that contains a valid circle.yml.

I had one build go through once, when I clicked the “Test Service” button on GitHub’s UI, but further pushes with new commits have not resulted in new builds on Circle.

I’m following the project in Circle, and Circle says I’m building the project as well. GitHub says the CircleCI service is active, and I’ve left the Domain field blank. I’ve opened a PR from the circle branch but it has not triggered a build on Circle, and GitHub does not show any build status from Circle either.

Over the past two years I’ve created probably a dozen GitHub repositories and added Circle integrations without trouble, but this project over the past two days has been impossible to get working. I’m at a total loss of what I could look at next or what I could try differently.

Is there a way to see whether Circle has received test payloads from GitHub? Is there any established troubleshooting guide for when your Circle builds aren’t being triggered by GitHub?


I reported the same issue very recently here: Github Integration - setup no longer working

Check if the web hook is setup; if you don’t see it, we have the same problem.

Please do not use the GitHub Integration. It conflicts with the web hooks and breaks the connection.

It does not work, and was used for custom domains. Please remove it and use the web hooks. We are trying to get it removed but there is a delay in the processing of our PR.

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For any web hook issues, the easiest way to get this working again is to follow these steps:

  1. Remove all CircleCI webhooks and services from your GitHub repo settings.
  2. Unfollow the project on CircleCI through “Project settings”.
  3. Re-follow the project on CircleCI.

This should get your builds triggering again. If this doesn’t work, please let us know and we’ll help you figure it out.


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