Commits doesn't tiggrer a build



I’ve added a repo from GitHub successfully and one first build appeared. Everything was perfect but then I started to commit some code to my master branch, expecting to have new builds, and nothing happens.

I’m using all the default configurations - just trying to make it work. I’ve tryied adding a yaml file and doing a merge instead of a normal commit, however is still not working.

Is a NodeJS project, but I don’t think it makes any difference.

Any ideas?


If the project is public, can you provide a link? Same with your circle.yml file? If it’s private, can you please PM me the links so I can take a look?

A quick test, try unfollowing your project and then following it again on CircleCI to reset all of the GitHub hooks. Sometimes that’s an easy way to retrigger everything.


Thanks for your reply.

Unfollow and follow again doesn’t work. I’ll sent you a PM because this is a private repository.

This is the content of my circle.yml file (I also tried without this file):

        - master
        - dev



I removed GitHub’s permission and then returned it. In addition, the webhook configuration had not been established.


Hmm so is everything good now?

If you’re not, I strongly suggest having the circle.yml file in every branch since you are doing whitelisting. This allows CircleCI to run the branches (or not) in a more predictable matter.


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