GitHub Build fails for some branches

I created a project and it integrated with CircleCI flawlessly. Later I transferred it into a new GitHub project. But now, CircleCI builds only on commits to master, and didn’t see other feature branches.

How can I re enable CircleCI on each branch?

That’s quite interesting. Transfering the project more than likely resulted in an issue with the webhook (unless you created a new repo and manually pushed the code).

Could you try completely removing the project from CircleCI, ensuring the Webhooks are deleted from the project on GitHub, and re-add the project?

This will refresh all permissions and Webhooks. That should resolve the issue for us.

If this does not work, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

I did remove it from circle ci, but it didn’t help. But after one manual merge to master, I pushed another PR branch, and not it started testing branches again…

Fantastic! Sometimes when repos or orgs get “transfered” permission settings can get a little confused. It sounds like you may have re-kickstarted it :smiley:

We’ll go ahead and close this for now. Please let us know if you run into any other issues!